Do’s & Don’ts When Undertaking Your Bathroom Renovation

Considering your bathroom remodel is a daunting task especially when you are doing this for the first time. A bathroom is a small place, but the most used area in your entire home. Keeping this in your mind renovation is vital to make it look amazing.

So, you want your bathroom look elegant, but unable to understand from where to start this project. If you are ready to remodel your bathroom, here are some tips figure out what you should do or not to make your bathroom look eye-catching.


  • A Budget For Unexpected Costs
    One of the unknown problems is bathroom hidden damages. There could be mold and mildew damage behind the shower walls and tile grouts that you may not know. You need to have a contingency budget to prevent unwanted bathroom issues.
  • Hide Toilet
    Construct a wall between a toilet and the rest of your bathroom to make it feel little more aesthetic. It will also be an excellent way to make more privacy for the bathroom.
  • Lighting And Ventilation
    Due to a smaller space, your bathroom could neither have a lot of natural light nor windows to get ventilation. In the absence of proper ventilation, the moisture will gather on the walls and result in mildew growth. You must install appropriate lighting and ventilation to prevent mildew growth.


  • Cheap Out On Material
    The material in your bathroom like vanity countertop handle the routine wear and tear. You must think about the quality accessories rather than its cost. Cheap material will need over and over again costly repair.
  • Forget About The Future.
    You may have a specific need at present, but that may not always be with you. Rather than thinking about the current requirements, think about what will remain functional for years to come.
  • Skimp On Storage Space
    You want to create a bathroom that is functional and beautiful, consider storage space. Build in soap dishes and corner caddies will be good idea to add more storage conveniently.

So, if you are ready with your home renovation plan then contact Dekorum and let us make it a reality. Our team of residential and commercial contractors offer superior quality services to our clients.

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